Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete all administration?

The meeting takes about 15 minutes. All documents will be signed at the meeting and an invoice for settlement services will be paid. Subsequently, you are given consent to the location of the registered office.

When do I get the location consent?

In case you contact us in advance, you will have the consent to locate the registered office prepared at a personal meeting. In the case of processing by e-mail, you will have the consent after receiving the signed contract and paid invoice.

What is the shortest period you can subscribe to settlement services?

The shortest period you can subscribe to residential services is one year.

Is it possible to arrange everything without visiting the office in person?

If, for time or other kind of reasons, you cannot personally receive and sign the documents, everything can be handled electronically. In this case, we require a verified signature on the contract. Consent to the location of the registered office will be sent after the payment of the invoice and receipt of the signed contract.

Is it possible to pay by debit card?

We offer the possibility to pay for services when signing a contract by debit card, or in cash.

Is it possible to set up only a mailing address?

Yes. Do you have your headquarters and for some reason you only need a place where your mail would go? We can provide this service for you.

Is it possible to execute the process with a power of attorney?

Yes. The signature of the agent authorized by power of attorney must be officially verified and the power of attorney must be intended for signing the contract and binding the grantor to any obligations of the company.

I received an info message by e-mail / SMS, when can I receive my mail?

Office opening hours are from 10:00 – 16:00 hours; at that time, it is possible to receive the mail. In other hours by prior arrangement only.

Can another person take the mail for me?

Yes, anyone can pick up the mail, but it is necessary to give us information about the person via email in advance.