Whether you are a legal entity or an ordinary sole trader, the company headquarters is very important to you. It is possible to transfer the company location, in two ways:

  1. Transfer the registered office on your own
  2. Transfer the registered office by professionals
A simple guide on how to transfer your business location

Transfer the registered office on your own

Transferring your business at your own risk means several administrative processes for you, which you simply cannot avoid, and it will take you relatively a lot of time.

If you decide to transfer your registered office within another city, expect the change of the article of association. This process will result in an annual general meeting. The certified copy should not be forgotten as well.

The next important step is to submit documents about the new object, where your business will be transferred. In case of a building purchase, it is necessary to provide an extract from the municipal cadastral office. In the case of rental, you must provide a rental agreement. Of course, there must also be an officially verified signature.

The last step is the visit of individual offices, where you submit the necessary documents for the Commercial Register and after paying the fee of 2,000 CZK, you will receive a court decision within 15 days. At the Trade Licensing Office, you fill in the change document. The address must be changed at the relevant financial office as well. The best option is to visit both institutions within 15 days of the change of address. The Social and Health Insurance Company make changes within 8 days.

Transfer the registered office by professionals

Currently it is possible to solve this situation with the help of skilled professionals. They will arrange all administrative work for a customer friendly fee. They transfer the actual headquarters of the company, including the virtual one, which you do not need to occupy.

This type of headquarter transfer is mainly favored by companies moving to more prestigious addresses to create a better impression for the potential consumer. Moreover, the process is extremely economically accessible.

Virtual offices are appreciated especially for establishing a professional reception desk, forwarding calls, forwarding correspondence and other administrative activities. A huge advantage is renting a fully equipped office for a customer friendly fee in case you need to negotiate with the consumer or authorities.

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