You may have heard someone say that “time is money”. This phrase is closely related to the so-called time management. It is based on the need to set clear goals and priorities.

One of the differences between entrepreneurs and employees is their concept of time. While employees have free time before and after working hours, entrepreneurs are the masters of their free time and they decide when to work and when to relax.

Tips for better time management

As we have already explained, the ultimate foundation for quality time management is setting goals and priorities. Of course, the main business goal is almost always a profitable and prosperous business. But you cannot reach just like that.

It requires a good deal of commitment, patience, enthusiasm and, last but not least, a suitably chosen strategy. We will give you some helpful tips for not only managing your time, but also your business and operations management.

Start the day soon

Entrepreneurs usually do not have fixed working hours; therefore, they treat the day as a 24-hour period during which they should complete certain tasks. If this is the case, we recommend that you start the day early in the morning to avoid unnecessary stress. It may happen that one day you realize that you are snowed under with work and you may feel under pressure.

Do the most important thing in the morning

Early in the morning, the human body is most productive. Sometimes you may not be able to wake up the morning, but it is more a question of your lifestyle or lack of sleep. In any case, you should do the most difficult and important tasks in the morning. If you have other minor duties in addition to a difficult task, let someone help you with it. If you tick one role, it can help you psychologically.

Stop doing everything on your own

Remember that you don’t have to do everything. If there are other reliable people around you, such as waiters, cooks or economists, ask them for help. Let them know that you are also a human being and do not let your ego win. Not only will you gain mutual trust, but also time and space to deal with other matters.

Get handy systems

A smart system can save you more time than you think. With a handy POS system, your employees will save extra time when dealing with customers. Moreover, your employees can devote the time they save to the guest for extra attention and care.

Remember, the more time you invest in your employees at the very beginning, the more you save later. Quality training can eliminate unnecessary doubts of waiters or cooks. Independent staff means comfort and space for you and for running your business

Identify key tasks

To avoid unnecessary workplace misunderstandings, we recommend identifying key tasks. You can set them every morning or at the beginning of the week or month. A suitable solution is, for example, during company meetings.

Draw the line

It is completely up to you whether you take an authoritative or more liberal approach to your employees. In both cases, however, you should clearly define boundaries. If you do not, workers can start to abuse your benevolence or criticize your approach. This will result in a subsequent aversion to the work being performed, reducing the efficiency of the work effort and slowing down the operation of the entire operation.

Take regular breaks

Of course, employees have the right to have a break. However, if you let them have a break at regular times or add 10 minutes of extra time, they can reward you with better work. Thanks to that the process may progress faster.

Write down everything

Continuous supply of new information and responsibilities can cause additional unnecessary stress. Don’t worry about forgetting something important and start writing down everything. Instead of thinking all day long about what to do, open your notebook and check your plans quickly.

Find work-life balance

One of the most important tips for better time management is to find a work-life balance. The lack of time to deal with work matters often leads to neglecting of family and leisure activities. Finally, it may happen that you will realize that you have no time for work or family.


To sum it up, all these tips for better time management are linked to each other and cannot stand on its own. If you haven’t practiced any of the above in your tips, try it. You don’t have to apply everything at once, but choose the tip that interests you most and give it a chance.

EXTRA TIP: Our final recommendation is to try to never settle for less than your best.

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